OCA CLE Requirements

The Queens County Bar Association has been certified by the NYS Continuing Legal Education as an Accredited Provider in the State of New York.
Accreditation Period: Application for renewal has been filed and is currently pending.

  • Keep your credit certificates in a safe place. They will be required in the event that you are audited by the Office of Court Administration.
  • Monitor the number and categories of credits you accumulate so that you know when, if, and how you have satisfied the OCA requirement.
  • Certify on your biennial registration that you have met your CLE credit requirement.

You are required to have completed 24 Credit Hours of CLE, according to the following breakdown:

  • 4 Credits in ETHICS (Minimum, you may take more).
  • 20 Credits in Practice Management, Skills, Area of Professional Practice or Ethics, or any combination of these.

  • A Minimum of 32 Credit Hours in courses that are listed as “Transitional” or “Bridge-the-Gap”.
  • The attorney MUST take at least 3 Ethics Credits Each Year. Ethics credits can NOT be “banked”. Additional credits will NOT count toward fulfilling the balance of your credit requirement.
  • 6 Skills Credits PER YEAR & 7 Professional Practice, Practice Management Credits, PER YEAR.
  • After meeting this credit requirement, the attorney is then responsible for meeting the 24 CREDIT HOUR REQUIREMENT, biennially.

For more information about these rules, please contact the Office of Court AdministrationTel: 212-428-2105

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